Why you should be grateful for criticism

Finally. The day is here. You’ve been writing for a while and you’re now ready to tell your friends and family that you’re writing. And this is not just a hobby to you. You have a connection with your craft. This means something to you. This is possibly your destiny.

And then your enthusiasm falls on deaf ears. Or worse; people start discouraging you.

Do you know how unlikely it is to make it as a writer nowadays?

You didn’t study creative writing/Literature, what makes you think you can write?

People don’t read books anymore! You’re wasting your time!

It’s disheartening to hear people’s negative comments. But that’s because most people set themselves limits to not disappoint anyone, including themselves. It seems to be some sort of societal norm engraned in all of us; the moment someone wants to do something else, earn money differently, live differently, pursue something out of the ordinary, suddenly we all frown and shake our heads. Daydreamers. They will fall flat on their faces.

I choose to draw strength from those that doubt me. There is no point in trying to convert people that clearly don’t think you can make it. Maybe they don’t want to see you fail, or get your hopes up. I understand that. It’s a survival instinct. Standing out is lonely and difficult. But I would rather fail, than never have taken a shot. Failure is part of the journey. There is no major success, no man or woman that is praised for their accomplishments, that has never failed.

You will always come across people that don’t like what you do, that don’t think you’re talented, or that simply want to break you down because they feel bad about their own lives. But most people also just live within the confines of their boxes. Go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have children, retire, die. It can be hard to understand if you’re pursuing something completely out of the ordinary.

I have learned that often when people trample on your dreams, it’s mostly a reflection of their own ambitions and life, and has little to do with you. So when people try to discourage me just for the sake of discouraging me, I don’t listen. I take in constructive criticism, but become deaf to the serial negativists. No one will discourage me from pursuing something that makes me happy. And neither should you. Keep working on your craft and perfect it! 


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